Bob Wagg and Walter Lane live in a tarpaper shack, hunting, fishing, trapping and logging with oxen. They prefer the sounds of the birds to the roar of highway traffic, and scorn the money-chasing of city life. Covering a period of four seasons in the remote backwoods of Maine, Dead River Rough Cut presents a revealing look at an individual way of life. Wagg  and Lane earn a living and accept their isolation for the independence it allows them. But not everyone would want to draw water from a hole in the ice. They share their reflections about women, politics, taxes, the lone life and death.


We are pleased to release Dead River Rough Cut (The Director's Cut) on DVD. Included on the DVD only, are special features which include "An interview with the filmmakers," and "A conversation with Bob Wagg."  Please use the button above to purchase a copy for yourself for only $24.95.  Please also note that if you purchase more than 10 copies, we  offer our wholesale pricing at only $19 per copy. E-mail and ask for a discount code.

Richard Searls and Stu Silverstein

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